Rebels cannot be killed

Our life is like the flowing river.
On one hand, we are still and peaceful and on the other hand, we become agitated struggling to fight against the storms and current.
In life, when we stand for our values and principles, the world will try every means to put us down.
They never liked rebels.
I am one such rebel, call me without a case but I'm one.
I refuse to accept beliefs and established values.
I advocate for a fair and just society where no men and women will be discriminated against.
Still, my presence disturbs your notion of society.
You know that my presence will disturb your manipulative mindset.
You will try every trick in the book to put beings like me down.
My presence disturbs you.
You may push me down to the wall, harass me, make my life hell or even kill me.
Alas! How can you kill my thoughts.
The idea of a better society which certainly doesn't suit your interests to dominate and manipulate the world.
I refuse to accept your concept of exploiting the world and practicing a policy of division.
What I want is very simple.
I want to live my life on my own terms and refuse to bow to your concept of extremism and dogmatic rules and values.
I believe in one religion:The religion of love and humanity.
I don't want to accept your rules.
Fuck your rules.
There are many like me:: Rebels will continue the fight against an unjust and repressive society.
Karl Marx said, religion is the opium of the people.
I say religion and society exploits the people.
Most of you wear a garb to exploit us and perpetuate an unjust society.
Rebels will continue to fight you.
I am one of them.

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