My Gratitude List

Trying to learn new things to always be happy and unlearn how to remove the negativity inside the soul and mind, pretty much like throwing out junk food out of the system is an art many have perfected over the years. Being grateful for the smallest and extraordinary are the small wonders to nurture and treasure over time, stop whining about what we lack, cherishing the beauty, relationships or most infinite luxuries. Here sharing a gratitude list.

1. The ability to find more inner peace every single day and performing regular yoga that has made me more stable as a person.

2. A constant search for happiness and finding it in the unlikeliest place through the kindness of strangers, random joy that never cease to surprise me time and again.

3. The friends who means the world to me and connected again through WhatsApp that makes it feel like we never left each other and no matter how far away, separated by the ocean.

4. I am alive and kicking, loved and cherished meaning that Mom, no matter how much she may shout, but painstakingly make food for me every day and her words of wisdom. She never stops surprising me with the bun that I love eating. Or, this random call from a friend sensing nothing is wrong and keep pushing me to take the next big step.

5. The scotch whiskey or the constant trip to the coffee shop that I can afford in comparison to a few years ago with no job and being broke.

6.  I am youthful in heart, mind and soul, not ailing from maladies that make me indulge in healthy flirting from time to time with girls. Keep getting the compliment about being in my late 20s which I am not and haven't changed at all. I look the same, everyone keeps telling me.

7. The ability to make silly jokes or one-liners that works wonderfully on the blog or social media.

8. I am able to write and churn creative stuff which means the fire to weave words hasn't been lost, though the writing is lagging since a while. The only thing is the need to pull my socks to be more regular with fiction and creative stuff.

9. The never dying childlike enthusiasm, wildest imagination and my killer memory that has the ability to remember every single detail lost in translation over the past 10 or 15 years.

10.  An ability to keep pushing myself and standing on the edge's cliff to make things happen as long as good health wears strong on me.

Keep the faith

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