Zero Fucks to the world

Don't judge a book by its cover, in case you are this cover on whom aspersion is cast by eyes scanning every move taken which gives them an adrenaline high. I say cut the crap and stop giving a serum to the world to alter our thinking, actions, behavior or mindset. There is no shortage of assholery in this world. From now, make Zero Fucks your mantra of life that gives mental sanity and inner peace. Repeat, Zero fuck to the world and now gulp a glass of water for better health.

1. Stop looking for approval

You are not an official Government document or passport that needs a stamp by dim wit for you to venture out on your own or do things that makes you happy. Just follow the heart to heavenly bliss without a care to the world for you know people would always have things to say or throw their own yardstick of what is right or not. It's your life after all, whether the decision to marry, academic field to pursue, living independently, dating or just doing nothing.

2. Move Ahead

There is no such thing as regret and if there is, nothing you can do about it for there is more not just to life but to you as a person. The past is buried in the past and shall not be resurrected for all the money in the world. Coming to terms is an expression that should be deleted from your dictionary. Rather, make the most about everything, beat the shyness, be daring and do not hesitate at anything that makes you a rocking dude or babe.

3. Remove the fear

It's not cancer but fear is the silent killer that always harms your soul and heart every single moment. Getting some pain in the body, head straight to the doctor and don't reel in fear. Pay compliment to this beautiful girl, foray into the exams without thinking twice, sit with confidence in the toughest job interview for whatever gonna happen is bound to be.  Be a risk-taker and being adventurous makes strong men and women that no academic institutions can teach or train to become You don't need to worry about consequence since not everything lies in your hand.

 4. Failure is cool

They tell us failure is shameful and echoes a bleak future. I say failure is cool.  Trust me, on an average day, there are many people whom we hold in awe fail more times than we could ever imagine, in office, everyday life or personal relations and that's the best thing about them. Failure has defined their success which is the envy of everyone. The only thing is that humans are afraid of telling it since the ego clouds our beliefs or the reluctance to show weakness which makes us the person that we are or become. F for Failure is an intrinsic part of our existence and this vulnerability make us real and failure must be a cool thing for it sets the steam engine in motion as we learn on the way, knocked down and keep leaping ahead. Let not the world tell us that failure is a wrong thing.

5.Work & Party hard, Be a Wild Animal

Be wild. Age should not dampen the spirit. There is no substitute to hard work but also partying like a wild animal and enjoy the many layers of sex. It's pure bliss to explore not just our intellect but our body as a human being. No socially constructed mores or moral law should prevent us from leading the life we always wanted in our quest for self-growth.  Zero fuck to the world is always a good fuck. Stop this nonsense that sex is bad, partying not for good people and working hard doesn't always bring result. Booze, if you may and let not the world tell that it's immoral or against culture.

6. Don't be an overthinker

We have only one life to live and stop being an overthinker before doing things to enjoy life to a maximum. Be a risk taker and without thinking too much about it. As corny as it may get, life is indeed an icecream and enjoy it before it melts pretty much like a kiss. I am not born to fix global warming, war or protect morality and why buckle under pressure of striving to meet society's expectations of what is good or bad and morally right or wrong. Living life on my own terms is what I try. In the past, I've been an over thinker and weighing pros and cons that saw so many things slipping out of my hand or time flitting like the breeze. Enough of that and zero fuck to the world.



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