The 'I' commandments of life

1. The 'I' residing in me shall sparkle with divinity and practice oneness with the cosmic energy.

2. I shall stop being so conscious and over think about my acts, letting loose and embracing body, mind and soul.

3. I am and only I matter and nothing else.

4. I shall never be afraid of failure and take risks while plunging inside the deep waters.

5. I shall harbor no prejudice for the human race, religion and ethnic, countries or lesser humans be it people with different sexual orientation, political and cultural beliefs.

6. I shall fight till the end to conquer, and no spoken words or defeatist purpose shall overpower or distract me towards my goals.

7. I shall be graceful and not hold anything in spreading love, happiness and light to the world.

8. I shall always take pride in being who I am and no society rules can ever fuck my mind or alter deeply seated beliefs, values or ideologies.

9. I shall dance to my tunes, compose music for my senses and act in the movie of a life designed by myself.

10. I shall take things easy, unburden myself from worldly pleasures and make free love to my soul spreading in the universe like virus.

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