Mom's World

Wake up on time. Avoid oily food. Take medicines for upset stomach. Always reach exam hall in time and keep a couple of pens in case one goes Kaput. That was Mom to me during college days in Mumbai and Pune during our phone conversation. I just wanna yell, Mom!! I am a grown up now. Something that been oft-repeated to the 10 and 16-year old self.

Revisit Mom in 2012 where I reached 30 plus. I could have been married with kids but I am not. Wake up early to catch the bus to work/interview. You cannot trust those buses, they are never on time. Have your tiffin on time. How many times should I told you to switch off the lights?! You are not serious at all and you will never be. Mom's oft-repeated phrases ring a bell in my ear. I so wanna yell, Mom! I ain't a toddler and a grown up adult now. Or, she slowly walks to check if I am sleeping past 2 a.m, her dozing off interrupted by Baba dearest. Guess, some things never change with Indian Moms, scattered all over the planet.

I still hide and smoke, be it on the balcony or inside my room pulling the window wide open while she is watching TV. Still getting caught to an earful of the harmful effect of nicotine inside the body, not without being chided like a teeny weeny teen.

You must be wondering 90s same story, 2000s a repeat and 2016 a revisiting same dialogues. Guess!! The perks of staying with your Mom and trust me when you get married, it won't stop. The heart of a mother is still like the Nirupa Roys of Deewar or Subhash Ghai's Khal Nayak, Oh! Ma Tujhe Salam'. In outlook, they may have donned the mantle of a Lilette Dubey, sweet Reema Lagoo, Ratna Pathak, Dimple Kapadia or Jaya Bachchan but their heart remains in the right place laden with ladoo and gulab jamun the emotional way.

That's Mom on Mother's Day when I yell, Happy Mother's Day. She turns with 'Oh! Really!!' before mopping and making the Ghar ka Khana. That's my Mom. Teary, emotional, strict and lovable that what Moms do for we never grow up in front of their eyes.

Come fast and the food is getting cold. I think I better go before I hear the refrain. What your Maa moment this Mata Diwas? No!! I didn't post selfie on FB how much I love my Mom.

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