Glory, gloom and doom

How I wish!
Crystal ball rolling and tilting to one's deep wishes. 
To struck gold.
Life sway to my tune.
How I wish!
Holding the magic wand,
transported to the gud ole' days.
Madness, like fury,
holding us back.
Petrichor of cloud, often makes us become all gloom and doom.
Our extraordinary loses its shine.
We shall shed bucket of tears,
ravaged by regret and curse.
A life worn and shorn by past glory.
It hurts the senses.
Bruises the ego.
The mind goes mad, nursing the wounds.
How I wish!
To conquer old victories.
It was not meant to stay forever.
Nothing is permanent.
Success is an illusion.
Failure is just another name for greatness.
Past laurel is like mud.
Getting dragged and sucked into.
Be a torch bearer.
Stride ahead with elan.
Start again.
Carve new ground.
Conquer failures,
for nothing taste like sweet victory.


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