Celebrating 3+ Years on Blogspot

Who has the nerve to forget birthday celebration on the blogosphere? Well! I did and the birthday came and busted like balloons out of thin air as the memory suffered a momentary collapse. The blog was born on November 22, 2010 and it's been three wonderful and memorable years since new kid on the block was born. As they say, better late than never! So, please join me as we raise the toast with the glass of wine to celebrate vishal-newkidontheblock.blogspot.com that turns three this year.

At that time, I was blogging on wordpress.com and looking at the awe-inspiring, super cool and sexy blogs on blogspot, I was toying with the idea of starting something youth and jazzy for the young gen. I wanted the blog to connect with gen X and speak our language, the language of the youth. It took me one whole year since I wanted to zero on a name that would struck a chord, a kinda youth anthem. On November 22, new kid on the block was born and, today, it's post number 303 that find its way on the special birthday.
Short stories, poems, venting out, ranting and what's not found its way on the block. We all learn as we blog and there were innumerable mistakes since I am a lazy bum and didn't bother to check typos, spells and grammatical mistakes. I wrote about movies, heroines, feature blogging, memoir in Mumbai and writing challenges. It's been a beautiful journey where I met so many beautiful blogger who write awesome stuffs and connected at a soulful level with so many of us. Today, I follow so many on blog spot and have quite a few followers, made great friends with fellas I have never met and with whom I share so much about life. It's all about dreams, fulfilling of inspirations, sharing stuffs and cute things. This is one blog where I can be myself without being judged by anybody and I not only appreciate but love the feedback received. Folks! It can only motivate me to write better and churn out original stuffs. What I love on blogspot are the various images and animations that one can create to make it super cool and colorful.

It doesn't go without saying that SEPO has been a motivation and an inspiration so that I don't shut the blog since at one time, I was toying with the idea. Here is one chick who got the patience and love to write beautiful stuffs..here is the result, the blog has been there for three years where I learned so much from my beautiful friend with a heart of gold, SEPO. Shez been a very loyal follower of this blog and, thank you, SEPO.
In the process, I met so many awesome bloggers and some of you, decided to shut your blogs. Dunno why! I so want you guys and gals to be back on the space where we express ourselves freely and learn from each other. I wouldn't say, Such A Long Journey but it's been an adventurous one. 
I love writing the column stuff where I express myself on issues such as Indian Politics, corruption as well as burning topics such as sexuality, status of women in society. However, let me tell you that new kid is not departing from its sole intent, its reason for being, i.e, writing about the youth and the stuffs they face, identity crisis, relationships, love, eroticism, sex and what matters.
Thanks a ton, fellas, for believing in new kid on the block and making it sustain for 3+ years. Looking forward for blissful years ahead and together we rock.
Lotsa Love
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