Echo from the heart

Soothing music echoes in the deserted room,
as the cat looks around searching for the master;
The white feline runs around to search for the gentle voice, whispering' Meow'.
She dashed out of the room as the male voice gradually wanes out;
The cat jumps on the ruins of the historical building outside the deserted room;
She sports a look of despair to express, "Where have you gone, Master?"
The feline frantically search for the familiar voice singing,
but, it seems that the song is echoed only in the room;
She is confused and couldn't understand what is wrong with her ears;
Perhaps, it is an illusion or an inner call to the seeker;
If only she could speak few words, she would have called for him,
tears rolled down her cheeks;
Yet, the song was soothing and it touched her heart;
Deep inside, she knows that the song of life was reaching out to her heart beats;
She takes a nap on the floor as the song keep humming in her ears;
She turns around but couldn't see anybody;
She closed her eyes and dozed off;
The voice echoes in the room as a shadow looms around;
Yet, she was in a deep slumber and couldn't see him.

With Love
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