Diwali Abhinandan

Diwali, the festival of lights where thousands Diyas are lit across India and countries where thousands of Indians have settled, their culture with them. The day we all wait where we look forward to gorge on sweets, light diyas and wear new traditional and ethnic clothes. In India, streets are beautifully lit up, children bursting crackers, sharing of Mithais and performing the Lakshmi Puja. In the evening, families will light diyas in the house as we wish for loads of happiness, fulfilling our dreams, lunch with family and friends as well as shops displaying heavy discounts. Diwali Dhamaka is all over the place as we buy new Kurtas, colorful diyas as hordes of people are seen longing at Marine Drive in Mumbai and the shops are crowded with people during the festive season at Laxmi Road in Pune.
I have never witnessed Diwali in Delhi where it is celebrated in a unique and colorful way with celebration going full swing in a charming way. I so hope to be in the North some day to experience the frenzy of Diwali celebration, the celebration of life, love, friendship and joy. That's the beauty of India where people of different faiths come together together the celebrate the rainbow nation that we are. Diwali is a national festival like Eid and Christmas, rightly so. 
I am missing the Diwali celebration in India since I am out of 'desh' and there is no better 'Diwali' like we do in India. I so miss the beautiful lightnings and fireworks displayed at Marine Drive at night where the Queen's necklace is adorned by varying colors of beautiful lights and the awesome celebrations in Pune, in the Peth areas, Mahatma Gandhi Road and Junglee Maharaj Road where a huge crowd swerve for shopping and dining at night in restaurants.
Happy Diwali and may the guiding light always shower in your life and add sparkle to your existence.
Enjoy the pictures.

With Love

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