Fireworks of dreams and love

Festive season ushering to fresh dash of leaves and renewing new hopes for happiness, joy and love;
Earthen lamps lighting our lives, re-kindling optimism,
Christmas carols and gifts strengthening bond in the heart capable of love and melting our senses;
Bursting Crackers of unlimited happiness,
It adds zing to our life;
A tale of making dreams come true, where we leave behind the disappointments and deception,
as we get set to embrace the world and never shy away from falling in love;
We deserve happiness and shall never say no to surprises reserved by life to our existence;
A promise that we shall live life to the fullest as our eyes sparkle at the magical moments thrust upon us;
Scripting churning new horizons in the ocean;
A time to hold each other’s hands and making new bonds;
Let’s marvel at the display of fire-works springing in the sky.

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