I for Internet Girl Friend

This post on Day 9 for Letter I-Internet girl friend is written as part of http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com/ for Blogging from A to Z challenge 2015 (April).

It's been days, nights and years. I can't wait for her to ping me where the conversations would go till late and finish in the early morning. It's endless and infinity. if there is a Mathematics could define us. I ping her.

ME: You know what! You are my internet girl friend.

SHE: Huh! hahahha! What is that?

I try to rack my brain to come up with an explanation.

ME: Boy and girl who has a relationship on the internet. See! We spend our time on the night for very long hours,  every single day and when I can't see you, I long for your ping. The only relationship that binds us,no luv shuv or intimacy.

She: Arre! Bhagwan! Log yeh dekhenge to kya sochenge (What will people say if they see this?) You know what we are blackening our faces now. Wah!!! What a name Internet Girl Friend!

She would ping with, 'Whattya doing' and I will narrate the story of my life from A to Z during the day, as if singing the name of God or reciting some mantra. The conversation sometimes drag during the day to finish till the early morning. You see, she is the savior by sitting online with me, keeping me company post midnight in office when I have to wait some two hours for our office transport to pack me home. Idea! Yes Idea! I ask.

ME: Hey!!! Womaniya! Will you marry me?

She is aghast and finds me hilarious, "What you crazy? Haha!!"

ME: It's my wish, meri marzi. You cannot decide for yourself. I make a deal, let's marry and we live life on our own terms. There is no load and you allowed to date whoever you are. You lead your life and I lead mine.

SHE: Dream on. I've already made a deal with another friend. You came too late. He is gay and I'll marry him.

ME: Who are you to decide. I have said, You'll marry me only.

SHE: Just shut up. Will you?

ME: I can't, internet girl friend.

She tells how amazed it is when I come with such theories. Internet girl friend, it's so sidey and cliche, she chuckles. I coax her that it's a novel idea that nobody came up with her. See, it's original, I send a smiley. In fact, I should date my G-Talk who gave me such crazy idea. I must be an author, I tell her and weave a book, 'Internet Girl Friend' to rake the moolah.
Love on the net but minus the perks of dating but longing the thrill to see each other and indulging the harmless flirting. A tale of attraction, witnessed by the thing called internet who saw through friendships that buried our deep dark secrets.
We are no boy friend and girl friend but the net makes you the internet girl friend, I start troubling her.

SHE: Listen! I gotta go sleep now and cya.

ME: Arre! Wait na, Internet Girl Friend.
SHE: Taa-taa
ME: Aree.

I start typing but the internet girl friend has long disappeared, discarding my companionship during the night. 

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